Monday, April 6, 2009

Exquisite Goodness Continues

Yesterday was installation & drop off day at THINKSPACE GALLERY. All my blood and tears since October '08 are safely being shuffled, hung and lit in the beautifully capable hands of Thinkspace's Power Duo Andrew Hosner and L. C. My work is done, my workspace in empty, and now anxiously waiting the event. You can read an interview with Thinkspace and myself HERE, read my thoughts on music, childhood and pig noses! Also, all the fun goodies for the Easter Egg hunt are in place - this is a sneak shot of the four Bunny Head Sticks I sewed, stuffed and mounted on a dowel. Ribbons and jingle bells and little bunny shivers! The magic and maddness will begin Friday, April 10th from 7-11. Much much thanks to Andrew for ALL his hard work and dedication to this event, Hi Fructose magazine for their support and feature this month, Annie Owens (suuuuuper cute!) and Attaboy for taking the time to come out to see the work yesterday before going home to San Francisco, Marcus Lo of ARRESTED MOTION for also making it out for a behind the scenes look yesterday, and to my husband Richard...for everything.

Now, there's plenty candied goodness to behold here while we wait with a Q & A from MR. MARK MURPHY. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark at Baby Tattooville in Oct. - he's been a huge support and super hard at work getting as many artist's voices and work seen and heard as he possibly can. My work went with him to Art Basel in Florida this past Dec. and will be part of an enormous artist profile project soon exploding on the scene! Mark Murphy is as insane a talent as he is a promoter, look at him go HERE! With someone like Mark on my side - his selfless generosity, his sincere support and his spectacular humor - I'm feelin pretty blessed.

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