Monday, April 20, 2009

Look What I Found!!

HOLY SMOKES, look what I found online!!! WENDY MEAGHER is the maker of these UNBELIEVABLE creations. Here are some of her elephants, but she does all kinds of different animals. I went nuts when I found her work, but I can't find any that are still available. I would freak to be able to purchase one of her elephants!! Go look!!


Catherine J. Cruz said...

hi there,

if i'm not mistaken...upon just visiting Whendi's site, i think some new bears are available for auction on ebay?!

hope you catch it!

:) catherine


I just found your work and blog through Bloodmilk. Your work is great :)

crom said...

I want , I want , I want !!!......I wonder how she makes them look so rough and old :/ (thnx for your comment by the way )

Ana said...

oh my god, those are so cute!!