Monday, April 13, 2009

More Fun

My solo show titled Run Rabbit, Run opened Friday night @ THINKSPACE GALLERY with a BANG! The Easter Egg hunt was a success, with over 20 happy winners! The crowd was thick, I was pleased as punch! My good friend (whom I've mentioned before), Jason Maloney seen here with Thinkspace Gallery's LC (also of Cannibal Flower) made my night that much more special! A picture of the window installation in front of the gallery, and a quick shot of me signing my book for a happy patron. See a lot more HERE of the excitement and scene! Thanks to everyone who came out and to all who visit my website and blog!! Your support means a lot!!


Thea Schultheiss said...

OooooOOhh looks like it was amazing, you must be so proud!

Wish I was a bit closer, I so would have popped by :(

Anonymous said...

I was at your show (I made it into some of the pics!) and it was AMAZING! Thanks for doing what you do, it is wonderful and unique and it deserves accolades galore! CHEERS!