Thursday, April 30, 2009

Show Closing

Well folks, tomorrow marks the final day of my recent solo show at Thinkspace Gallery in Silverlake. It was a great show, thanks to everyone who made it out opening night and throughout the month to view the works. Thanks to Andrew Hosner and crew over at Thinkspace, for your hustle and hard work, your support and kindness. Thank you to my collectors and fans, for your support and energy that I thrive on. The other artists and fine talents that I love and respect, for continuing to decorate this world with your beautiful voices. All the people in my life that make my work what it is - who inspire me, encourage me, make me mad, support me and make me laugh! HA! And to my mom, for giving us EVERYTHING her whole life - her laugh, her smile, her mad face, her tears, her worry, her ridiculousness, her stupid, her intellect, her talent, her time and her life.

Here's a word from myself & Thinkspace:

Brandi Milne
Run Rabbit, Run
On view through May 1st

“…My girls are an endless narrative for me. She's my way of voicing an emotion in a piece, sad, innocent, scared. The happy characters around her are flash and silly like the world we live in. The strawberries I draw are symbolic for my heart, or the hearts of people that I love. There's a lot of strawberries in my recent work, for obvious reasons, they're really special to me right now.” – Brandi Milne

"...Brandi Milne completely knocked it out of the park with Run Rabbit, Run and the press and fans agree. We had a huge turnout on opening night to support Brandi and many were out front waiting for the doors to open to take part in Brandi’s special ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ that was held during the opening reception. In all, over 50 eggs were hidden about the gallery, both inside and out, and over 40 lucky winners walked away with some amazing prizes, including one-of-a-kind original drawings from Brandi as well as special hand-knit stuffed Easter Bunny heads on lil’ sticks with ribbons and bells attached. Be sure to check out the opening night shots for many of the lucky winners and their prizes as well as pics of all the action, including shots of all the artists that came out that evening to support Brandi..."

For information on pieces still available from this series, CLICKETY CLICK HERE! The pieces in this show are picking up a lot of heat throughout the land - support from fans, bloggers and happy people everywhere! Check em out, tell me what YOU think!

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crom said...

ahhh man I hope my show will look at least as half as busy as yours : (
it looked like it went really well.....congrats!