Thursday, April 16, 2009

Show Reviews!!

Whoa Nelly! There's been quite the positive review of my show around the internet ~ I'm still whirling from all the support and wonderful feedback! I work my butt off, do my very best pouring my heart into my work and shows - it really feels great knowing that a lot of people can appreciate that. Here's a review on, they posted some fun images, photos, and an interview video from that night!

"Brandi Milne opened her show Run Rabbit, Run at Thinkspace Gallery with a bang. As if we're surprised. Brandi's colorful paintings, accompanied by beautiful drawings, an Easter Egg hunt for prizes, and a wealth of fans made for an epic opening.

“The Easter Egg Hunt went off so smooth and was so much fun – over 40 excited winners throughout the evening, all walking away with some quality goodies thanks to Brandi,” Gallery co-owner Andrew Hosner tells us. From a look at the night in opening night flicks below, we’re apt to agree: Brandi’s opening makes us want to turn into little rabbits ourselves and run…straight to Thinkspace Gallery."

CLICK ME to see the rest of the feature @

The kind folks over at Daily Du Jour ran a great gallery of images/shots from the show as well as a terrific review!! FIND IT HERE! Thanks to all for your support~ I can't say it enough!

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