Monday, May 18, 2009

And The Winners Are...

Alright, honestly, I really didn't expect this many entries and comments! I'm overwhelmed, and excited by you guys. I'm so glad there are so many things that make you all happy, and I enjoyed reading them. You guys make me smile, thank you! I wish there were more prizes to give away, but doing them by hand takes a painful toll - but don't dismay, there will be other giveaways in the near future!! I promise!! This was a great start I'd say!

...and the Pair Of Twos winners in random fashion are as follows:

* Crystal (58)
* Dan-0 (13)
* Sarah (40)
* Ginger Loves Art (87)
* Cheryl Cambras (93)
* Thea Schultheiss (42)
* Jason Limon (3)
* Johanna Parker (33)
* Morgaine Faye (28)
* Nicole (70)

If you 10 could write me an email with your name and correct mailing address, that would rule. Any winners that don't claim their prize within the week, I will chose another winner at random by Monday (May 25) so think fast!!

Two things that make me happy? freakin playing cards and laughing hard.

So glad to finally hear your voices, and PLEASE ~ keep on keepin on! Yip Yip!!


Nicole said...


Thanks so much, brandi!

i am so so so excited for the happy surprise :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners!
(Though I guess some of them not claiming their prize -would- make me sort of happy! ;) )
Seriously though, I think it's very generous of you to give away art like that. And it's good marketing too!

brandi milne said...

Good grief, this made me so giddy, I really did enjoy the whole process! I will be having another, so keep an eye out, will ya? Thanks to everyone who participated, your happy moments were my happy moments, for sure!

crom said...

ah damn : (

Thea Schultheiss said...

Eeeeek, I just shouted in the office "I WON!!!!"

Oh my giddy aunt that's awesome, thanky you, thanky you!!

Oh gosh - now *that* made me happy!

Pam Hobbs said...

Well I didn't win, boo hoo, but I guess I did win since I found your blog and I will be keeeping my eye on it for future great art and future giveaways. Very smart marketing idea which i may try! Thanks. pam

CrystaL* said...

Did I really win!!! This is to good to be true :)

Morgaine Faye said...

Woo hoo!

Winning makes me happy!

Thanks Brandi

brandi milne said...

Yessss. There are still those of you who haven't contacted me with your address, you better get on the ball or your prize will disappear!!

pe said...

I still hope someone forget to contact you! Two things more that makes me happy:
my cat, Buffy
tomato soup