Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Babyboss Magazine Feature

Babyboss Magazine featured my artwork in their 8th issue for April! They're based in Indonesia, and I was so excited to get my copies when they sent em out. Their pages are both in Indonesian and English which is really crazy to see.

I'm super pleased with the layout and interview - and plus, the name of the piece is "The Natural Talented Lady" which makes me really happy because it's so weird and funny!

The English was kinda broken a little bit, so it made it kind of innocent and fun to read. Like this:
"...She is lucky enough to have such supportive parents. When she was kid, her mum would gave her and her siblings a white typing paper and a huge box of crayons, and they spent hours drawing, laughing and fighting with each other..."

This part at the end is called "Fun Facts" (Hee Hee!) and it says:
*If she could transform into a color, she wanted to be red because it screams.
*She loves freedom.
*She hates being tickled, hates that she loves ice cream so much, and hates the post office.

They chose odd pieces to include (I think, anyway) like these little matchbooks I had done for the freebie giveaway (to the 85-100 attendees) at Baby Tattooville last October. But I like that! Super job Babyboss! Thank you Godot & Grace for the special feature!!


CrystaL* said...

That's so exciting... Congrats! Your work is awesome... keep it up lady!!!

HoneyBunny said...

wow! that's so amazing:)) congratulations:))
love your work:) :*

brandi milne said...

thanks guys, you so pretty!!

Designs By CK said...

Hi there! ~ Popping in to say hello & thanks for following me!

FUN art/blog & have a great week!

Chris (-:

Ash Fox said...

this is so exciting! you are really incredible. congrats! thank you for your sweet comments. i'm adding you to my roll.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Congrats on the article...loved the English translation you shared! It had to make you laugh.

Love your blog...I'll be backj!!

Tess said...

Oh fantastic that's your artwork! Brilliant and congrats! Do you sell anywhere/ I'm currently collecting / growing my collection of pieces and some of yours may be a nice addition :)

erinleighheart said...

those are awesome!

Poke Salad Annie said...

i love your work. much admiration!

brandi milne said...

Thanks for all the comments, people!! I do sell my work Tess, go to my website and browse around!! Email me if you'd like!!

Seriously, thank you for the encouragement ladies!! (kiss! kiss!)

KW said...

wow! you drew that? I think I've seen your artwork before some place. that's cool.