Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'm super happy with all the comments and entries - great job! I'm officially naming this giveaway "Pair Of Twos"! Each winner (10 lucky happy people) will receive a pair of hand-drawn uniquely original playing cards (2). They're graphite and color pencil on paper made to look vintage and whipped up special for this event. Oddly enuff, there are no 2s in the series, and that's what makes the name fun for me. You people are making me very happy with all your double happy things, and I can't wait to find out who the lucky people are! I'll be drawing numbers out of my old bingo turner thingy (??), so it'll be completely random and fair to all who enter. Yay? Two more days to go, keep em comin - and follow my blog!! Wooooo!!


Nicole said...

wow! im so excited!
Those look super cool.

I am crossing my fingers for the lovely bingo machine to choose me.

crom said...

oh man..I hope I get it : D

Maru Luarca said...

Oh! I really want it!

Jennifer said...

LOL Those 'old bingo turner thingys' are fun! We played bingo at my grandparents all the time with that old thing!
"old bingo turners" make me happy!!

Anonymous said...

few minutes ago, casually i found your art, and i love it! u have a great talent!!

.:Mir:. said...

I want it, I want it!!! :D
Love your art Brandi! ^^