Monday, May 18, 2009

...Pair Of Twos Almost Over...'s the final day to get your comments in!! The FINAL CUT OFF TIME is 3:00pm sharp (pt). I'll put the number of entries into the bingo turner and will then have a little boy (¡impartial party!) turn and pick the numbers. I've fastened the winning Pair Of Twos in each envelope so it's completely random as to which pieces you wieners will receive! I'll be announcing the winners shortly after, and will be asking for a mailing address. Please EMAIL ME with that information, DO NOT post your private information on my blog!!! (you can find my email address through my website "contact") Hot diggety!!

**any deleted entries will be counted only by number - no deleted comment will win - (i'll make sure of it) - no one person will be a winner more than once, we spin again**


Chris Boyd said...

These look awesome! I hope I win a pair.

You should get a nice scan or photo of each of them before you send them out.

Colby said...

Me wants! Love the work!

Lisa Evans said...

Yay! Count me in : )