Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mar!!

It's another birthday!! This time it's my oldest sister Marli! (She won't kill me as much!) Anyway, Marli is a very special girl, and I wanted to dedicate this post to her. She means the world to us as she is the oldest, and she's our Marli. I remember my mom always telling us that when we were little, Marli took care of us like she was the momma duck and we were her babies. Looking both ways as she had us all cross the street safely, looking after us out in the yard, changing our dirty dieties... she was very dutiful and sweet, so happy, just being, and I hope she's even happier now. She deserves 100% of the very best, she's thee nicest person in the world - and that's a fact.

Here she is on her fourth birthday, happy happy happy!! And gimme a break, like she's not the cutest little thing you've ever seen! Just perfect!

This was a Halloween costume (made by our mom of course) I think I remember Marli hated because she had to wear her hair a certain way. I think she looks so cute.

This was us four, so happy together in the 70's. What more could we want? That's me, my brother Shad, Tifi and Marli on top, then Shad, Tifi, Marli and Me (on my 3rd birthday) on the bottom. I love Marli's nightie in the bottom picture, it's so ridiculous! Give it to me.

It doesn't hurt that she's as pretty as pretty gets, right? She's unbelievable and I don't think she knows it.

When I think of Marli when we were little, I remember her watching as much television as she possibly could, Love Boat, Laverne and Shirley, Facts of Life, Welcome Back Kotter (even the stupid game shows that I hated) and she was as happy and peaceful as can be. I looked up to her and thought she was just like the pretty girls she watched on tv - even prettier, but she was MY sister and I was so proud. We're blessed to have our Marli, and I love her more than words can say. So Happy Birthday Mar!!!

(are you gonna kill me?)

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