Monday, July 27, 2009

Lucky Me Saturday

Comic Con was a whirlwind Saturday, but sooo much fun!! I started off at the Baby Tattoo Booth where I got to hang out with Miss Mindy and Jeffrey Scott for a bit.

Here you can see Jeffrey and Mindy and the crowd of Comic Con goers. It was PACKED to the GILLS!! Everyone we met was super sweet and we even got to visit with Gris Grimly's wife and friends (no Gris cuz he's a celebrity!). So good to visit with Travis Louie during his signing and I even got to meet Mark Ryden. Thee Mark Ryden. Whaaa?

Here's myself with Miss Mindy, thee cutest and most wonderful little doll around! We were so happy to see eachother AND she gave me a tee shirt!! She's the greatest, as you've heard me say before. But it's true, I love her.

And look at her cute head, she had a bird and flower in her hair! She said that the bird was yelling at her earlier, but I think it was whispering sweet nothings...I would if I were in her hair.

So I made my way over to Hi Fructose at about 4, where Attaboy, Scott Musgrove, Edwin Ushiro and Luke Chueh were signing for all the art lovers in the crowd. I plopped down and stayed there til almost closing - 3 hours! The crowd was great, each and everyone of them was super nice and patient! I had the honor of drawing next to Edwin who blew my mind with his sketches for people!! He's so talented!! I'm so sad I didn't whip out my camera more, here's a shot of JULIE WEST and me, I've never had the pleasure of meeting her, but I've been a fan for years!! I also got to meet Kelly Vivanco who gave me a take out box full of delicious chocolate chip cookies (that I ate almost all gone!), Christina Conway whom I've been in contact with for at least 2 years and these two:

Here's the folks from GELASKINS!!! I was sooo excited to meet Drew and Brian and they were awesome fun! It's sooo nice to put faces to names that you've been dealing with over several years! I wish I had more time to talk to all these people, but like I said, it was a whirlwind! As I was making my way thru the crowd upon leaving, I spotted only two celebrities, Jeff Conway from GREASE and Thomas Jane from the HBO series HUNG. I didn't stop to meet either, I had only eaten two granola bars and a mini Baby Ruth all day, so I was exhausted. What a Day!

*Special thanks to Bob Self at Baby Tattoo for having me all the time, at his events and shindigs, and for being so weird, fun and supportive, and for supplying the sandwiches. Thanks to Attaboy and Annie Owens at Hi Fructose for your support and fun and for that magazine you created (sarcasm). Thanks to Mark Murphy and Planet Illogica people, I'm sad that I didn't get a chance to see the show, but I'm sure it ruled to no end! Thanks to Mike and Phillip at Van Eaton Gallery for showing my work at your booth that kicks butt EVERY year. And thanks to everyone in the crowds for being so nice and encouraging to all of us art geeks! Without ALL of you people, I'd just be alone in my room drawing. So Thank YOU!!


Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Wow! Looks like you had loadsa fun! Hope to go to one of the Comic Con's someday!

*daisy said...

yay comic-con! You know, i totally tried to run over to the high fructose booth and say hi, but the first time you weren't scheduled to be there for another hour, and by the time I got back, you had left 10 minutes before. DURN!!! Did you swing by the Girls Drawin Girls booth? That's where I was hanging out most of the time workin' :D (PS- miss mindy is the best! did you see her customized vinyl Stitch at the mind design booth?)

Blood Milk said...

looks like you had a rad time!

sarahtay said...

ooh looks like it was a bunch of fun you had! i'm happy for you, love :)