Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting Yelled At Never Feels Good

I wanna go back to sleep...I'm tired Monday.

Another Circus Girl Head to join the troupe! This one just finished gobbling strawberries and the juice is running from her mouth. Delicious & cute?

Just her.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend - hope everyone's fourth was fabulous! It was a good one for me, spending time with my in-laws. I hate that description, it's so cold and distant - which they are NOT! Anyway, we all had a great day, talking, laughing, eating. Fireworks to boot! Then on the way home (I was the designated driver for my husband who likes to whoop it up pretty good), my husband yells for me to turn right on the street before ours a little late. Well, I did it, going toooo fast, but I held on, my car took the corner like a champ - all four wheels SCREEEEEACHING LIKE A BANSHEE, and I'm lookin out for people, animals and cars all the while! As I rounded the corner like the Dukes, I see two flashlights ahead going crazy on me and as I near, I see badges on their person...cops! I flippin try to slow down, and hear them YELLING at me before I even get up close! I roll down my window and stop - already apologizing like a moron.


The cop YELLS "WWWHHHAAAT ARE YOU DOOOING??!!!" I tell him I missed my turn and he says "well, you MADE your turn!" I say "well, yeah, I made my turn but I was going too fast - I'm sorry..." He started laughing a little which confused me cuz he was sooo mad! I was appalled and mad cuz I was so impressed with my turn and now I was getting yelled at by the police. He asked if I had had anything to drink, blah blah blah about slow down and go home and what not. So we SLOWLY went home laughing, blaming each other....HOT DIGGEDY, Good times!!


Rose Red said...

I love your artwork.

Leia said...

Getting yelled at definitely doesn't feel good! :(

Michele Lynch Art said...

LOL well at least you didn't get a ticket AND get yelled at right?! Fabulous artwork!

ArizonaLewis said...

what the what?
you're amazing. thanks for leaving a comment. now our blogging friendship can blossom.
your art is craaaaaaaazy.
i love it so much.
so happy to view it.

♥Aubrey said...

You had a fast comeback girl...good job! Check out my giveaway. You'll love it :)-

Orchid Grey said...

wow, your artwork is beautiful! I hate being yelled at, it just want to hide under a rock for days afterwards.

ps- thank you for your comment!

Gabby said...

Cops always make my want to cry. No matter what!

Thanks for visiting my little blog, lady! You artwork is magic - it's seriously divine. I'd love to feature you on my blog, yanno, for my millions and millions of readers. :) Let me know if that's okay! And have a lovely day!

Blood Milk said...

i love the circus girl heads!!!