Saturday, July 18, 2009

Planet Illogica Comic Con '09

EEEPS! I've been working with a team of greats recently, for Planet Illogica. Planet Illogica is a group of artists and visionaries who have gathered together in hopes of infusing art and inspiration into a wider audiences lives. Mark Murphy {whom I've talked about before} is one of three brilliant minds that have schemed this up, along with Tonny Sorensen and Ken Goldstein. These guys have been working hard, uniting their ideas and artists, creating unique apparel with each of us, and putting together what will be an awesome display and event at Comic Con this year. Here are my two pieces that will be featured with Planet Illogica, I am super proud to be among such talent and creative minds!

"Cherry Circus Series: Myrna" acrylic and ink on wood round (the first of this series)

My inspiration for these "Runaways" was initially from a Tim Walker photo set that I had a glimpse of recently. He had these huge hat boxes in a display window in the background of his featured girl. I went nuts when I saw all the faces on the hat boxes and wanted to make my own. So I set out to make about 12 different sizes, of girls that were mistreated in what was called the Cherry Circus. They've run away together and are hiding in the woods - unable to live among normal people, unable to travel with the Circus any longer. So they're kind of in limbo there in the woods together...Happier than they've ever been in their miserable lives! So that's a good thing.

"Midnight Sweet Tooth" acrylic and ink on wood panel.

This is tied into the circus feel of the Cherry Circus Series, here are two performers who have developed a steady craving for blood and meat. They're hiding away from the eyes of their fellow performers in the middle of the night, devouring and consuming mass amounts of meat. You can see their next victim who they've tricked into joining them with large peanuts and a tiny circus tent. I usually wouldn't be this cruel in showing such a literal doomed fate, but I love the naive little elephant, innocent and lured - overshadowed by their evil dark bloody habit. In real life, I would never let this happen - just for the record!!

If you find yourself at Comic Con on Friday, please stop by the event, ooooh and aaaah yourself into oblivion, and have a great time!!


Poke Salad Annie said...

wow, that round cherry circus piece is incredible. i'm dying to see more!

Blood Milk said...

o my. i love it! circuses and blood! current obsessions of mine always.

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all the best for the event, brandi! :)

Susi said...

Hello! I love your work, it is amazing! I’ll visit you more often, that’s for sure!
Thanks’ a lot for visiting my blog,
Best regards from sunny Spain :P