Monday, July 13, 2009

What A World, What A World!

I've not been home that much in the passed few days, it's been pretty wonderful! Since I work from home, I'm super glad to go ANYWHERE but here ANYTIME! I can get pretty stir crazy!

My sister and I took my little boy to the park to feed the ducks and squirrels on Thursday. It was fun, there were some baby baby ducks that were sooo cute and fluffy!

We went to the beach on Friday and I got burned something awful. Unfortunately, we went to dog beach and as I watched my husband and boy out in the water (I can't swim), people's dogs ran up onto my towels, onto my stomach, onto my stuff and I was so annoyed. I know, we shouldn't have gone to dog beach then, right? Well, we did, and that doesn't mean I want people's dogs all over my grill.

Saturday, was loooong. My friend Jennie and I went to LA to a casting call for something I'm not permitted to talk about. We stood in line for 6 hours. 6 HOURS. We got sunburned on top of our sunburns on top of our sunburns!! I don't do well out in the sun for long, I start to get sun stroke, and want to faint. We were stupid and didn't bring sun screen, food or water, so it was rough. After that, we went to the Renegade Craft Fair though, which made everything better!!

We made out like bandits, we both got these SUPER CUTE AND WONDERFUL sketch books made out of vintage books! Mine was a Little Golden Book and Jennies was even better! We were gonna go from there to eat, but it got cut short. We were exhausted, I was spent, but I came home to find a package for me from my friend Charity that blew my mind. It was chalk full of goodies including THIS:

This is one of my favoritest things painter Chet Zar has ever created. Charity gave me his original study of the piece!! I kinda felt sick when I opened this, because it's unbelievable and I've never gotten a gift like this in all my life.

She's gonna get a big Thank You in the mail as soon as I can put it all together. She's insane. I'm insane.

So finally, in my exhausted state on Sunday, I overhauled my walls. I hung some pieces of mine that I have with me, my albums, some new stuff too. Really, it all happened to make a spot for that Chet Zar piece. eeeeee!!

Here's the stairs filled with good stuff!! Bob Dob original drawings, Camille Rose Garcia show posters, Travis Lampe prints (I still need a frame for his painting..will come), some vintage odd posters and a few of my drawings and paintings.

Just two of the albums with my painting...there are a few Barbra Streisand albums and my husband hasn't said a word...shshsh.

And my bookshelf with some of me, some of T. Lampe, some of Camille and some vintage..

And now I'm off to make some things for Comic Con which is in two weeks!!! Get ready folks!@!


Anonymous said...

I loved the "busy world of richard scarry" so much when I was little! there was even a tv show cartoon. how cool that you got one of the books. and aww babybaby ducks are my favorite! I always see them when I go for hikes around the lake here. sounds like you had a fantastic weekend :D

So Good for Bunnies said...

That Chet Zar piece is awesome! *jealous* ;)

Suzanne said...

sounds like an awesome weekend!
and that is an amazing art collection!

Blood Milk said...
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You Are My Fave said...

What is this casting call you can't talk about? I've seriously thought of a few million ideas in my head of what it could have been for. Maybe we'll hear something later?