Monday, July 27, 2009

The Winner Of The Print Giveaway...

Thank you to the people who have entered to win the print giveaway. I truly enjoyed reading about the little things that make your days happy! Good things happen (almost) everyday, we just need to take the time to realize and acknowledge them, instead of taking them for granted, right?

And so, here I've chosen a winner at random with the comments that were left for me, THE WINNER IS...MISSA from THRIFT CANDY!! Missa, if you could please contact me thru email and claim your prize it'll be on it's way soon!

Thank you all for playing, and thank you for visiting my blog often, you really make me happy!


Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Aww...disappointed I lost but there's always next time,eh? Well Done Missa! Chuffed for you!x

Missa said...


Oh, I'm so excited! I just did a little silent victory dance in my seat as it is late and I did not want to wake my sleeping loved ones ;)

elfie said...

HI, I've discovered your work few month ago.I just discovered you blog today it will be nice to follow your work.
I would like to know where can we buy this cute card on the net ? I saw some playing cards, are you going to make a complete set and print it in the futur ?
Sorry for my bad english.