Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disturbed Slumber; Flamingo Feet In My Hair

I've been a bit antsy lately...I'm thinking with summer coming to a close, I feel like I'll be able to really start focusing on my work again. This is good. This is great. My sleep has been awful, last night I woke up at 3:30 and lay there awake thinking and thinking and thinking til about 7:30. Terrible. So I started cleaning off my desk.

I need a change of scenery, something desperate! Lookit all the CRAP (treasures) I have all over my desk!! WHAT?! How can I concentrate with all this jumble?! Really??? So I cleared it off...

And changed things around a bit. It feels fresh and Halloweeney which is a very large inspiration for me. So this is gonna be good.

I still have to go thru and clear some stuff, but, I look forward to it, cus then it'll be finished and ready to DRAWDRAWDRAWDRAWDRAW!!!

There are some staples, some neccessary objects that need to stay close tho, like this babiest mouse my sister Marli gave me years and years ago. I think I might have been in my early 20s, and I still love it.

And a picture of my mom, her senior picture that sits with a mouse Christmas ornament from when we were wee. It's way 70's to me, and used to be covered in glitter, but it's seen better days.

With summer coming to an end, I usually jump ahead and get ready for Fall. Here's a recent purchase that I love because I went to Joannes Fabric last night and replaced the boring green buttons with these gold anchor buttons! Wee!

Then, in full Fall swing, I got all this. Victoria's Secret is my fav. The boots and camis are from Vic. Sec. Catalog, the big zebra bag is Carlos Santana (that I got for a steal at Overstock.com) and the polka dot corduroy blazer is from the Good Will - Woot!!

Here they are in a better light.

I also got two pencils skirts that I'm excited to wear, but scared cus I haven't worn a skirt in over 40 years. We'll see how that turns out. I'm hoping I won't be out somewhere soooo uncomfortable and never wear them again! Does that happen to anyone else? Here's hoping the skirts are well worn and worth it!

I've been searching the land for a Camel Colored Cardigan like this one. I would get this, but it's $58 big ones, and I just think I can find it somewhere else. But no luck so far on that one. If anyone can help me out, point me in the right direction, that would be awesome.

Anyway, hope your sleep is better than mine and you're not waking up to the sweet smell of skunk and Flamingo Feet in your hair at 3 in the morning.


*daisy said...

hee! I just love the title of your blog post...

Angela Matteson said...

Yes, I'm hoping the cooling temps will bring me much needed focus. I love all your treasures! And your new autumn looks are divine!! :)

Gina said...

Your desk has the coolest stuff on it I've ever seen!

Missa said...

That caramel cardi is perfection, I have one but it's more of a grandpa style cashmere one and this one is so light and airy looking, love it!

p.s. Thanks for the reminder to clean off my desk, I've been procrastinating on just that.

humble happenings said...

I am happy for summer to close too! my favorite season is definitely autumn. hehe I love how you refer to the stuff on your desk as crap, and then as treasures [: I also like halloween sooo much, favorite holiday!

cute lil mouse, those little tiny ceramic guys are the best. I think you can still find them at hallmark, I want a little froggie for near my nighstand.

happy september! <3