Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun Creepy by Emily Cunningham

Since so many people have been so kind to me, I thought I would pass it on in some way. Today's post is about the Chicago based artist EMILY CUNNINGHAM that I can't get enough of! Her illustrations and paintings are so super fun to me, they hit my senses like an oreo shake and fries! So good and weird and ridiculous - genius.

The top painting she made for her nephew who's turning one year old. I'm so jealous of that baby, it's not even funny. How come HE get's to have something so cool? And the polka dots? Come on now. I want this piece to wallpaper my living room.

Her blog title is Apple Slice And Peanut Butter. Go check her out and lemme know what you think! And to Emily, gimme that baby's painting.

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