Monday, August 10, 2009

The People I've Met Because Of Art

I was thinking about my work, and where it's taken me in the passed 5 years. It's been such a journey, one that I never imagined I would be capable of. I've had some pretty awesome opportunities, and I've met some really super people. I've been blessed to be able to be counted among such wonderful artists as well, and I wanted to share some of the moments captured in photos, in no particular order..

Nathan Spoor, Lola, Jason Maloney, myself, Bob Dob and Daniel Peacock at BSFA in February for Bob's show. Nathan and Lola are so cute together, sweet and fun!

Here's Lola, Bob Dob, Glenn Barr and Joe Ledbetter too, working on the final touches at Baby Tattoville '08.

The uber-talented Dave Cooper at Baby Tattooville last year. I was lucky to be stuck between him and Bob Dob at the table signing all day. His work blows my mind, and he is sooo nice and super great - such a pleasure to share this world with him.

Tim McCormick and me at the Corey Helford Galley Charity By Numbers in '07. Tim and I showed together way back in the day at the Create Fixate shows in '05, his work is unexpected and free and he's a wonderful person to boot!

I got to meet Coop at the Billy Shire Fine Arts Gallery during Bob Dob's show in February this year. I was star struck a bit, and tried to remain calm and cool.

And the cutest Julie West at Comic Con '09 - talent, mystery and great genes!

My Miss Mindy and myself at Comic Con '09. If you haven't gone to see her magic, do it asap! Her world is as full of life and fancy free as the girl you see before you!

The infamous Gris Grimly, the Mad Creator. I was super pleased to meet him in person at Baby Tattooville last year - my son and I are big fans of his books and illustrations. This is at my Run Rabbit Run show at Thinkspace Gallery in June, he is as nice and full of warmth (complete with his wife and entourage!) as his work is full of madness.

And Ana Bagayan! Her work is so smooth and skillfull, it just melts in your mouth! (or it looks like it would) She's wonderfully sweet and cute as cotton candy!

Oy, this is so fun! Tim Biskup, Shag, ....(sorry!)?, Hannah Aitchison, Daniel Peacock, Glenn Barr and myself at Baby Tattooville meeting and greeting! Are you kidding me? I'm standing next to Glenn Barr... sooooo gracious and cool like The Fonze!

This is my first solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery in '07 with Thee Van Arno (of Van Arno!), Greg Simkins, Jason Maloney, myself, Kukula, Chris Anthony and Daniel Peacock. Whew was I shell-shocked by this line up at MY show!! For reals???

This one's a bit blurry, but it is perfect for how surreal this felt for all of us! This is at the Smitten show at Thinkspace Gallery in '07 and all of a sudden, everyone started taking pictures like mad when we lined up to take a photo for the gallery. That's Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg, me, Kukula and Amy Sol - who are ALL dolls in person and as well as in their work!

Ha!! I love this picture, lookit Daniel Peacock and Jason Maloney having an intense conversation! This is also at Bob Dob's show in February.

Jason Maloney at my place lookin as cool as can be - as always! This was dinner and insanity back in like April? May? I've mentioned him before, he's a close friend and I owe him a lot for all the help and friendship over the years.

Daniel Peacock who's work I studied through the internet for years before I emailed him to come to my first solo show. When he showed up, I flippin flipped out!! This is Baby Tattooville '08 at Jeff Soto's studio with pizza and beer.

Hannah Aitchison - the beautiful talent in the flesh!! Baby Tattooville again, she's a dream boat to the utmost!!

Here's Bob Dob, myself and Chet Zar at the Corey Helford Gallery "Clowns! Show" in '08. Both of these guys are so super cool it's not even funny. Their skills and talent runneth over.

Aaand, last but certainly far from least, Camille Rose Garcia and me! You can tell by my face in this photo how {FREAKED!} I was to meet her! She is number one for me by her work - which is endless and marvelous and perfect in every way. She was so nice and friendly to me and my husband both, as my head spun with delight!

There are far too many photos and people, but this is the jist! I've been so happy to be part of this "scene", and I look forward to a few more at the least!!


Jetta's Nest said...

You're truly livin' the dream Brandi! I've admired the work of just about everyone you've mentioned (you included) and fantasised about being amazing enough to do what you do! Good for you!!!


crom said...

ahhww you've met loads of people I'd love to meet. you will met many more!!! ahgghhh so jealous ha ha

amourissima said...

Thanks for stopping by! It was funny because my last name is Milne too and my first name starts with a B and that was just a little strange for a nano second. Tee heee.

Looks like you get lots of laughs regardless of being in a lunch room :)