Tuesday, September 1, 2009

686 Artist Collaboration Conspiracy

Dudes, They're Finally Here!! A long while ago I was asked to collaborate on a series of fabulous snowboarding jackets with the IMPECCABLE 686. Well, the waits over - they're here! Getcher Strawberries, Ice Creams and Cherries!!

I worked with some great lady tigers to get this looking like a solid gold series, and we created four pieces. I just got my three {and a PILE of other goodies; belts, tees, thermals, beanies, sweatshirts, etc} in the mail yesterday - and believe me, I was squeeling like a little girl!

If you guys are familiar with 686, you know that the quality of their craftsmanship is beyond EXQUISITE, I feel like these fine articles will protect me from ANY harm I might cause myself out in the snow-capped mountains - no doubt. And bundling up in ice cream and candy designs will make any girl a happy girl!

I'm so pleased with this collaboration, it's not even funny. Sometimes when you work with a company, they have an idea of what they want to see from you, and you need to fit into their idea. That can be rough because it kinda cuts you off at the knees artistically. Well, no such shananagans with 686, we worked very well together - they let me be myself and they fit it into their designs.

And the tags are so much fun too, Yeehaw!! - as if they needed any more! {Lookit those Aces, what?} These will be available for the '09-10 winter season, go to 686 to see for yourself and for more information on where and what to buy. They've got a killer group of artists they've worked with; Shepard Fairey, Jim Houser, Dalek, Bigfoot and so on and so on. I can't say enough about them, super pleased as punch.

*Special thanks to Miss Kristen Cusik and Miss Lisa Miller for the great opportunity and flippin fantastic support - you made it easy, you guys rule, THANK YOU.


Michele Lynch Art said...

Oh wow!!!! Awesome!!! How exciting and they look FABULOUS!!! Congratulations!! I would have been squeeling too LOL!! I'll have to find one when they come out! Don't forget to remind us then! xo

Carl V. said...

Congratulations! Those are fabulous. The only problem with owning one of them is that I would freeze to death in a storm because I'd always be taking it off to look at the lovely art inside! :)