Sunday, September 6, 2009

Heavy Metal Ice Cream Smile

Jimmeny Christmas!! We went out to Buff Monster's Heavy Metal Ice Cream Smile show last night at the Corey Helford Gallery. I love his work, it's so smooth, cherries, ice cream and he uses all kinds of PINK! He's the coolest guy too, so easy and relaxed, I love it! This is his HUGE ice cream balloon in the middle of the Gallery.

Awesome. Lookit the guy behind my head. He's a straight killa. This is me, a mohawk and Buff - I asked him his real name and he didn't give it to me. I'munna get it tho. I'll prey on his calm and he'll slip! Whatcherself B. Monster.

Silly balloon was hard to resist.

Outside was FREE ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE!! I guess this is all the rage now, with the soiled economy and all. Food trucks come out to your location, parties and such instead of hoping the crowd comes to them! Free ice cream, not a bad deal.

Afterwards, Canters.

Is this what I really look like? I need to get my hairs done pronto.

Great art, great people, great night. If you weren't there last night, you should probably make your way out - it's definately something to witness!! Congratulations Buff Monster!! Yip! Yip!


lili scratchy said...

Hi Brandi!
thank you so much for your visit!!
My book comes out Wednesday, September 16th, and I think you can order it from!

brandi milne said...

Super! Ima snatch me one a those puppies!! Thanks for writing!