Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lemme See Your Pretty Little Smile

This Sunday, weeee! I went to the Antique Mall out in Long Beach with two fancy redheaded ladies that I like a lot. Miss Mindy and Brandy came all the way out from Pasadena to search in the sun for bargains and beef cakes. (not really beef cakes but bargains, yes) Here is a baby with a mustache?

Ready to dig with big hats, big sunglasses and big smiles! We tore up the place laughing and teasing and carrying on like children. You know when you meet someone, and you just immediately get along and feel comfortable and spritely? This is how I feel with these two beauts. They're the perfect amount of ridiculous.

What in the world is this?

They got some outfits in the shade - I think we might have been here for an hour and we had to peeeel ourselves away. I love this picture, cus no one knows what's going on.

Here's the freakiest baby.

Mindy was able to nab some classic antique frames for her show next year (which includes her sister!) and she was insane with delight! I used to have a wig just like her real hair - I wish I still did.

A halloween tin cat with movable bits. I would've bot this sucker, but I didn't.

Brandy gives us one sassy smile with candy glasses in red. Someone shoulda bot those...

This was definately the best antique swapmeet mall thingy I've ever been to. They had such good finds, at mostly reasonable prices. Which almost never happens. We didn't even get down 2 whole isles - we've gotta go back.

Halloween boxes from the 40's were the envy of all the crowd.

We went to In N Out afterwards cus we were terribly emaciated after all the shopping going on. Here Mindy sports her very best do rag in the El Bee. Shakes, fries, cokes, burgers and these two gems, it was a great day.

I got some scarves which were super cute.

A spooky black cat salt and pepper shaker with no match. You can see a paper mache owl from Miss Johanna Parker in the back ground.

And this black cat ash tray! I got something else, but I can't post it cus it's a Christmas prize for a man with a curly wig. But I will definately be back next month, and the month after that, and the month after that...and you betcher bottom dollar I'll be seeing those redheaded girls again soon!


Jetta's Nest said...

Oh Brandi it sounds so awesome! I wish we had treasures like that here.


Oh...and what's with that freaky baby???

Miss Mindy said...

ah ha ha ha! so cute darlin'! I had a great time too.. sunburn 'n all...

Rick is lookin' forward to meeting you next weekend. Beer, pals- art.. I'm excited and going to throw up.

kittens with chainsaws said...

well bust my buttons!! you are one super-adorable and fun gal! looking forward to our next rendezvous! :)