Friday, September 18, 2009

Yippee In The Mail!!

So the other day wasn't the best day ever. It was long, I was tired, I was enraged and I hated it. So when I finally got home (late), there were some packages for me in the mail!! weeeeee! My mood changed immediately, and I was beaming with glee to the ends of the earth!!

A Circus Box with my name on it from England??? Chim Chim Chiree!! A new friend sent over a package that she put together for me, and it was the sweetest little circus I've ever been to!!

Look inside - all this!! She made a little flea circus with tiny posters, baby little candies that she calls Bulls Eyes? A ticket (to the circus), a hand sewn lamb for me to paint, a theomascope? I don't know what it's called, but it's a bird in a cage when you twirl the string, you know what I mean! Inside the box was decorated with Camille R. Garcia images and Tim Walker, it must've taken her a WHILE to make, it's insane. And then this:

Inside the baby matchbox was a flipping complete flea circus!!! eeeee!

And from another friend of mine came two round pillows from Urban Outfitters from my previous wishlist post! Whaaat?? I was blown away! Wishlists were for oblivion, but not in this case! She's the one that sent me the box full of goodies that I had posted a while back. That owl pillow came from her back then too. We were in a battle of send offs and as far as I'm concerned, she wins everytime! I would hate to be in an argument with her, I can already see she'd kick my butt.

With all the excitement, I whipped up some caramel apples...

(You can see one of my new pillows on the couch in the background, the other one is happily settled under my husband's cheek! HA!) The apples were a nightmare. I went nuts when I was trying to eat it. It was like when you try on a shirt that's 15 sizes too small for you, but somehow you got it on, and YOU"RE STUCK. TRAPPED. And that adrenaline and panic that consumes you when you're trying to get out of it? Do you know the feeling? Well, that's how my teeth felt when I was trying to eat a bite of this dasterdly doofus. I was so mad!!!

I chucked it (and the rest of em) into the garbage with grit teeth and so much hate and anger - what the hells bells??!! My husband wanted to feed em to some people at work, but I say no. No one deserves that.

*Special kisses and slapping backs go out to Emma and Charity for their kindness and happy boxes through the mail when I was down and out. I love you! (as said by Tom Hanks in Sleepless In Seattle to his kids as he's out the door)

*And don't ever make caramel apples, they'll kill you.


Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Eek! So glad you liked the box!...Super happy it cheered you up!...Another box will be coming your way at Hallowe'en!:D...

I'll find ye a recipe that works!...:p

Much Love,


Blood Milk said...

mmmm. they have the candy best apples in disney world.

Flea Circus Research Library said...

Not quite what I'd expect to see in a flea circus but pretty cool anyway.

Peanutbutter_Eric said...

:(...It's hard making flea circus'...I tried!

brandi milne said...

UUm, Peanutbutter Eric, I think you're flea circus was way right on. I grew up with fleas, and used to go to their circus' every year. It was always the same old boring thing, year after year so I stopped going. When I received YOUR flea circus, IT BLEW MINDS ACROSS THE NATION! Worry not, it's extra special and I love it! Yes? Your box is comin along nicely, I'll let you know when it goes out!!