Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby's In Tattooville

Baby Tattoville '09 was brought to us by Bob Self of Baby Tattoo Books. Somewhere in that mind of his, this had been lurking. Baby Tattooville has just celebrated it's third birthday, and I was lucky enough to have shared in it's fabulous festivities! It was a doozy of a dang good time! Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

Greg 'Craola' Simkins getsta steppin on this art it.

The panel of artists being introduced! Exciting!

Art Jam begins at dinner at Tio's Taco's thanks to Arrested Motion and their hospitality!

Miss Lola and myself chat it up!

Bob Dob and Greg Simkins go way back...

One honest to goodness great portrait tattoo by Corey Miller on Lola's little leg!

This Baby's head showed up at my room with the maid who told us it belonged there. I didn't know what the hell she was talking about, I just wanted her to leave that baby head to me. Here, Bob poses with it.

Audrey, me and Leah, sweethearts.

Walking to the Museum for Son of Baby Tattooville in R-Side! We experienced some fine local action along the way, which may or maynot have included the police station, one drunk driving fool, and a cockroach. But Johnny 'KMNDZ' kept it all in order...

Here's Bob, Greg and me. Most of my pictures are blurry - I refuse to use a flash!

Myself and the talented Mr. Johnny Rodriquez at the museum. His work is unnaturally exquisite, you should see it in person! Aaand, he's as sweet and clever as he is talented, which doesn't hurt.

Miss Mindy and Bob yak it up!

Bob accosts Elizabeth and Gris Grimly as they're just gettin in!

Then Bob announced the Dr. Sketchy's with Molly Crab Apple...and so the night continued with nurse neck brace and a whoopie cushion.

These happy feet.

Blue Eyes...Baby's got Blue Eyes....(thank you Elton) Thems me and Hannah Aichinson (aye-cha-sin) - I impressed her with my ability to say her last name on a whim with no coaching needed.

Hannah with Molly Crab Apple at the Dr. Sketchy's that night.

Johnny and Greg keep the artjam goin.

At this point, Bob Self came over to us and said, Hey, wanna see something cool in a hush hush kinda way.. We followed him to Michael Hussar's room in a dark corner of the Inn.

Bob Dob and Gary Baseman. Are they as shell-shocked as I am at this moment? No.

Bob Self and Michael, yes, that's Michael Hussar.

I was so scared to meet him, I thought he was gonna be so super intense and far beyond my reach. He was the total opposite. I'm still a little scared tho.

Ms Thang doin her thang. We were there to draw.

There seems to be a problem here...

Michael's work is ridiculous. It's so good I didn't dare breathe next to it.

This baby showed up in Bob Self's room after we left Michaels...Why are so many babies showing up unannounced?

Bob reads aloud. The baby's message was stuffed inside her back...what's going on?

Gris reads to himself. I don't think he was impressed. He's probably not scared of babies.

Saturday, here's Johnny KMNDZ right before he told me I needed a mint. ...well, so I thought that's what he was saying...I was stunned. Instead, he was trying to tell me to get some peppermints up on the artjam...I'm gonna give him hell forever.

Me and Audrey before she started work on her live paint piece.

Hannah and Greg have many things in common...talent being the most obvious.

Me drawing a pumpkin on a tee shirt. It was difficult.

Greg and Travis Louie at their stations.

Liz McGrath and Buff Monster on the artjam. Liz is suuuuuuuper cute beyond belief! ( is Buff...but Liz is cuter!)

Her talent runneth over. She's the sweetest little thing, I love her.

What's that? A man bag?

My Miss Mindy creating mayhem in Elton John goggles, a red apron, a blue frilled dress, a red satin slip and cowboy boots. It doesn't get any better than this.

Hannah's Blues, Mindy's Red and Lola's Ponies.

Bob Dob on the secret exclusive Hannah/Curley art jam.

Tara McPherson and Greg Simkins.

Lola on the secret artjam.

Two caps, two blondes? It just worked out that way.

The artists with a whip at their back doing their finishing touches. Ouch. The excitement filled the room!

This showed up....what's going on? (Says Pablo Fransisco)

Art Jamsters with their finished piece! It's off to the printers!

Me and Buff Monster in the house of cards. I love this guy! ...and I got his real name.

And then this happened...I'm scared.

We were sent off in groups on a wild goose chase to find out what the baby heads were all about! Mysteries! Billy Shire was rogue from his group, just like me and Patrick. So what. My feet were killing me!

*there's a big mystery surrounding the Mission Inn about a death in one of the rooms. Someone was playing tricks on us all weekend, with the baby heads and doll was never solved.

Taco night in it's early stages. It really happened, there were tacos everywhere! Thank you Patrick, Hannah and cabby Mike? Thank you Jack in the Box Riverside, 40 taco extreme. You guys rock.

My favorite male plays guitarolin just so. It's cuz he was about to chomp on 8,000 calories of fried tacos!

Elizabeth, Gris and Gary party like artists... I mean animals...I mean rockstars. It was Hussar's room again for more insane debauchery.

Attaboy, Travis Louie, Bob Dob and Greg Simkins eat it up at the brunch buffet Sunday morning. It was coming to an end, and noone liked it.

Why do I love this picture so much?

And Liz McGrath being so super cute I'm gonna explode. This was the last picture I took of the weekend extravaganza. It was quite a blazing adventure, so sad it had to end. Goodbyes stink.

Thank you to Bob and Rani Self for making this entire hallaballoo possible and realized. You have no idea how unbelievably grateful so many of us are for it!


Artfulife said...

Wow! What a weekend. So much talent under one roof.

leah said...

such an awesome post with so many great pictures and amazing people. so glad i got to share this weekend with you guys.

Thea Schultheiss said...

I adore Ms Aitchison, and all those other people, wowzas, it's too much to take in...

I bet it's like breathing in pure inspiration with every breath at that place! You could totally bottle it up and sell that damn stuff!! :D

Anonymous said...

Brandi, YOU are the cutest thing ever! Thanks for drawing that pumpkin on my t-shirt. I know it was a challenge, but I knew it would be a piece of cake, or maybe pie (pumpkin?) See you next October (I just know that I will!)
Much love,

Fletcher said...

pumpkin looks cool, what I can see of it - what are you using? a posca pen??