Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghouls! Ghouls! Ghouls! (insteadofgirlsgirlsgirls)

It IS upon us. Here's to a very spooky, sugary, spectacularly safe and sound Halloween! In all the years, I dedicate my works to the scrumptiousness of All Hallows Eve, nostalgic, classic, dark, innocent and ENDLESSLY inspirational.

A Ghost and chicken, classic clowning. We had a view finder with the Disney cartoon Mickey Mouse and the Lonesome Ghosts and I would sit for hours with those ghosts. Go look it up on Youtube.

From the book So Good For Little Bunnies - is Be Be rescuing the black birds, or BAKING em in that pie? Whichever it is, it's one of my favorite images from the book.

Just my mind wondering...cats, masks and girls.

The word "Goblin" is imeasurable to me. I didn't know what a Goblin was when I was little, so in the song "Don't you know it's that time of year..." "...there's a Goblin behind that tree..." really stuck in my head.

Red Headed and up to no good! The Making.

Wendi's Punkin loves her so. I use white pumpkins in my work in hopes of peppering Halloween throughout the year.

Two Masks in the fire. Innocent, but weird. Right on.

My Candy Thief: I was always the candy thief in our house, it comes with being the youngest. We used our pillow cases for trick or treating and I'd find my siblings' p. cases and take what I liked best...they must've hated me... I would.

And this one's a Captain!

I hope everyone has the best time and is safe and cheerful tomorrow night! Have a Happy Happy Halloween!!


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Thea Schultheiss said...

Loved looking at all this work, it's like Halloween everyday for you!!

Brandi Milne... Halloween!!

(it does rhyme right?!)