Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hoo Wee!!

Dang, it's been a while since my last post! I've been super busy, I went on vacation for a week to celebrate my anniversary too, and now I'm trying to drag myself back into normal life. Let's see here...

First, I wanted to show you this picture from Baby Tattooville, captured by the very talented, very sweet Phillip Warner of Lithium Picnic. You can find more of his talents HERE!! I love this photo, lookit Miss Mindy, how adorable can she be?

Speaking of MM, she and I met up in Uptown Whittier for a few laughs and a few more hijinks! Deliciousness is her middle name, and she left me a delicious hand-made, hand-dipped Miss Mindy lollipop! We played with masks and ate salads and fries (my most classic meal of all time). She's such a joy to be around, I swear, she is just "that girl". Lovey.

Then my sister left this big box of Fall Wonders on my doorstep...it was chalk-full of Halloween delights - hand-sewn satchels of candy, pumpkin spiced candles, fall fabrics, Halloween knee socks, THE WORKS!! She's unbelievable, she's SO nice and thoughtful, when I asked why she did it, she said cuz she was reading my blog and knew how excited I was for Halloween! Jimmeny Christmas, I love my sissy!

Did I mention she MADE me a dress? Well, she fixed me a dress, the top is from a vintage polyester dress I had bot years ago - she put a new bottom on that's NOT polyester and stiff and itchy! It's a wonder there's someone out there like this girl, and I get to call her my sister...

And Pumpkin Patches are springing up everywhere - I'm so happy! The Farmer Boys that used to be by our place is gone, now it's a Walgreens...it was the most supreme Pumpkin Patch ever, small and cute and perfect! I hate you Walgreens.


Then it was onto our trip!! We went to Maui this time around and it was a freakin blast ~ gone for a whole week, no work, no internet, no worries!! For our Honeymoon, we went to the Big Island, which was kind of a mistake. It's not as lush and full of life as Maui, even the locals laughed at us and asked why we didn't go to Maui!! I think that says a lot...

Me with the ladies from the Luau, I had to do it! This was after I had a whole cup of beer spilled on me at the tables, what did I do to deserve that?!

Aunty Panties?

This is for reals, yo. So many flowers and greenery, huge butterflies and birds just hangin out, ready to eat everything. Our hotel was unbelievably gorgeous, we pretty much stayed there most of the time. They had a beach, a pool, what else did we need? We did however take the road to Hana like EVERYONE SAYS "YOU HAVE TO DO IT", lemme just tell you ~ BUNK. It stunk. Don't do it.

We took so many pictures, too many to post. We went swimming every night at sunset, when there was NO ONE in the pool but us! We're selfish that way. I have always had a large fear of swimming, since I was wee, but with this trip I made some huge efforts.

The last night in Hawaii, so sad and lovely. That morning tho, wasn't so lovely...I found a HUUUUUUUGE UGLY SPIDER/TERRANTULA (??) on our balcony overhang!!! It was huge and ugly and stuck there dying I think. I FREAKED!! His legs were so long and squiggly, not all elbowy and spider-like, but squiggly, like a Travis Lampe painting!! That didn't make it any less horrific tho, and I seriously had to take breaks from flipping out so much so that my heart wouldn't explode... Richard got a hanger and flicked it off into oblivion, but my paranoia kept me awake all night in fear. I got bit by bugs that last day too, so that added to the creepiness of the restless night!

I got home and what to my wondering eyes should appear?? I found this issue (number 5) of My Name Is Magazine on my doorstep! (My doorstep has seen some pretty great days of late!) It includes an awesome 17 page feature of my work inside (and a HUGE photo of me? ~yikes!).

My Name Is magazine is from the UK, and when they say "magazine" they really mean "hard bound book". It's wonderfully odd, not magazinish at all, but cool and exquisitely handled. I'm so happy with the layout and the article, it's not even funny.

They had asked me for a BUNCH of images, and then they asked for more! 17 pages (big pages!) is a lot to fill, but they filled it nicely!

You can find out more HERE on the magazine and subscriptions. They really do a great job.

Now to get back to painting, I'm ready to go!!

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Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Miss Mindy looks adorable! As do you with the GIANT octopus!...Your work looks super lovely in that mag! Kudos and congrats!:)