Monday, October 26, 2009

Two Days In The Valley

Good times this weekend. Our friend and mentor, Mr. Tim Pulice shows us how it's done Friday night out here in the hills. This is one of the very best guys in all the land, for real. Good friends, good food, good times!

Saturday was spent with the loveliest of lovely people. LOLA had a relaxing "art get-together" at her place out in the black hills of the valley, lotsa fine talent within her walls, drinks AND Halloween candy. Here's two of my favorites, Buff Monster and Daniel Peacock out by the pool yuckin it up.

It was cool, Lola's place is all 60's original decor for the most part, which gave the photos that classic 60's feel. Here's Luke Cheuh, Kim Cheuh, Roman Cho, Lola and me snuggling up for the camera.

Roman plucking the quitar strings was enchanting and weird.

What? Why? This was Lola's idea...

Nothin like some easy listening by the fireplace, eh Mr. Peacock? (This man is like the Unicorn - white, mysterious and totally rad) Great faces, great conversations and great laughs into the wee hours ~ thank you our little Lola girl. All the VERY best to you (and yours) in that completely awesome new pad!!

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lola said...

kiss kiss!!! so lovely to see your face:) i adore you!