Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greg CRAOLA Simkins: So Smooth

Yeehaw!! Last night I was able to get up to GALLERY 1988 LA for my viewing pleasure to see Mr. Greg Simkins and his unbelievable artwork. His show The Pearl Thief opened last night - such an amazing series of work, if you're in and around the area - YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT. It's for your own good. Here was a photo op which includes the talented Misha, Greg Simkins, Bob Dob, (me) and Gris Grimly. This line up will probably never be duplicated again...i love it!

Johnny KMNDZ Rodriquez was in the house as well, you can see him there in the back!

Went out for Burgers and Beers with these guys afterwards, good times. I love a meeting of minds such as these, surreal doesn't quite describe it for me. I'm so happy to have the opportunity...

Greg's white pumpkins kill me. I saw his solo show at Gallery 1988 LA last year, it was a little before Halloween I think, and it made my mind spin! I was so happy to see all his pumpkins and jewels and craziness. His talent is endless, and I'm thankful to have shared a few moments witnessing it come to life back in October.

His fruits make me envious. See it all in person if you can, really.

While we were at Greg's show, I spotted MISHA (see older posts) and she was reeling about having JUST finished that tattoo of my Maniac On Sugar Island image hours before! I was sooo happy to see her photos on her phone, but THEN, Abby (you know her as SO GOOD FOR BUNNIES)showed up!! Whaat? This was the first time I've seen a tattoo of my work in person! Misha did a FANTASTIC job, took such care of my work, put so much love and attention into it, I was prittie pleased! I loved having the chance to meet Abby too, she's a doll - tall and slim with white hair! It was so inspiring to meet finally.

Here's to everyone out there - who loves what they love, gives it their all and takes good care of the people around them! Thank you Greg, for being SUCH a MONSTA!!; Jensen (Gallery '88), for digging in and making space for us all; Bob Dob for being a fine painter and a fine gentleman; Gris Grimly for illustrating your insides so supremely; Misha for your life and spirit that gleams thru everything you do; and Johnny for hustlin and turning it out graciously. You guys make me happy. (I know, I'm kindof a dork)


Thea Schultheiss said...

Woah what a post!

Greg's unbelieve work, cool people and fresh tattoos all in one night - one word, jealous!!

VISION Photography | | This is my true vision said...

Great post. kidding about the work

So Good for Bunnies said...

Aww.... You are the sweetest! It was so good to finally meet you in person, and on such a fitting night! I was hoping I'd get to say goodbye to you before leaving but it was such a madhouse in there that it didn't work out, better luck next time. I can't wait for you to see the final product of the tattoo (when it's no longer smeary like last night)! As soon as I upload my images from the session I'll have them up on my blog <3