Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sweetness At Munky King Los Angeles

For goodness sakes, I've failed to mention the sweet station I have over at MUNKY KING on Melrose! I'm so excited to be featured for the holiday months (until the end of January). I have a few special goodies to gobble up for a steal, so make quick work before it's all gone!

For your jolly pleasure, these shy babies are up for grabs!! Three Circus Heads from my Circus Runaways Series (Red, Blue & Black) are at Munky King now, lookin' cute as can be! Tired of the extravaganza life, they've packed their bags and run out on the crowd. Circus life can be tough.
(I love these ladies, they look like candy!)

My never-before-seen Carousel Bear Cry, framed and pretty, complete with a lollipop!

Magic Head Bunnies and Bears with red ribbon and jingle bells! Yip Yip! I'm excited because these items have never been available to the public until now. With lot's more pieces including plush creatures, tiny painted antique books and one of my proudest graphite drawings, you can't go wrong shopping MUNKY KING this season! See ya there!@!

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