Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful Indeed!

Tomorrow we're supposed to be thankful for things. I'm thankful each least I try to be. For the people I love, for the place I live, for the things I have and the things I'm able to do. I'm thankful for all of it. I'm thankful for your support, you kindness and feedback, and the inspiration you provide me.

So, Monday, this monday - November 30th, will begin my Christmas Giveaway! It'll end the following Monday - December 7th, when I will be choosing a winner at random. Leave me comments, as many as you want, anywhere you want - my blog, facebook, even twitter and email - whatever floats your boat, kind reader, wonderful supporter. I wanna hear your favoritest Christmas memories, any good thing you want - I look forward to reading your goodness!

Above is a little bite of what you will possibly be receiving from my very jolly hands...He's stuffed full of fluff, he wears underpants with frills, socks to trot and jingles all the way! I promise he'll love you, and he'll be good. More pictures will be surfacing along the way too, so just trust me for now!

Thank you for everything, and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! XOXXO!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

aww, it looks cute so far! can't wait to see the end result!

Envelope Printing | said...

I thank you for this blog. Thank you for giving us fun posts to read. Happy Thanksgiving!

Peanutbutter_Eric said...

Wow!It looks adorable!...Though I don't celebrate Thanksgiving...I hope you have a wonderful one!x

Lora said...

Hey Brandi!

I just wanted to take a moment to say "Happy Thanksgiving" and share one of my favorite Christmas moments with you.

I remember I was about seven years old and I was way into Sanrio. Every time I went to the mall with my mom or dad I HAD to go into Sanrio, even if I had no money to buy anything. My dad hated it.

So, imagine my surprise one Christmas when I find a hidden gift tucked away in the corner. I opened it and it was a Hello Kitty Suitcase. I was so shocked and in awe! But, the awesome part was that when I opened the suitcase, it was stuffed full of Sanrio stuff! I remember thinking "this must of cost a fortune" and said "Thanks,mom!" But it turns out that my dad went out of his way to pick out all of the stuff from the store on his lunch break one day. He told my mom "I actually kind of enjoyed shopping in there." I still tease him about that to this day. I just remember how touched I was knowing that even though my dad hated my childhood obsession, he loved me enough to brave the cuteness and get me the most memorable Christmas gift ever! I still have the suitcase and use it to store art supplies!

Happy Turkey Gobble Day!

Katie Scoggins

Lora said...

Hello again Brandi!

I hope your Thanksgiving and Black Friday were full of thanks and spectacular deals! I have another Christmas moment I was just reminded of...

I have been married for a little over a year. Last Christmas was our first Christmas as a married couple. I was so excited to celebrate Christmas with the love of my life...

Unfortunately, I was laid off a few months before Christmas and could not seem to snag a job. My husband and I both have commercial art degrees, but trying to rely on freelancing was hell. So, to make things short, we were poor. I wasn't that upset about not getting to get each other awesome, expensive presents. I was mostly upset because we couldn't afford a Christmas tree. I had been dreaming of the day when I would have a husband and we could decorate our tree together.

So, I was pretty bummed throughout the Christmas season. My mom made me go Black Friday shopping with her, which was really hard on me because it made me feel like there was something wrong with me because I couldn't afford to get my husband a nice gift.

So, the day I was out Black Friday shopping with my mom, I came home and my husband had gone out shopping early on his own to get us a discounted Christmas tree and some ornaments! He had already lovingly put the tree up himself, but was thoughtful enough to leave the decorating for both of us. I was so touched that he did that. I can't imagine him, setting his alarm to get up early and shop just to make sure I could have a tree, but he did!

I am truly blessed for the people in my life! Thank you Brandi for all your awesomeness!

Katie Scoggins