Friday, November 6, 2009

Drawing And Wearing Clothes

Went to my very first Dr. Sketchy's the other night! I caught the Long Beach Chapter of the new DR. SKETCHY ROAD SHOW, it was super inspiring and so refreshing!

Bob Self (of Baby Tattoo Books) is the host with the most, always a good time guy - add fancy ladies to the mix and you got yourself one sweet Dr. Sketchy Burlesque Life Drawing Extravaganza!!

Prizes, SUR-prizes and invaluable drawing references for just a small $10 donation? Count me in - where to next??

Alsoooooo, PLANET ILLOGICA AND BRANDI MILNE HOODIE FINALLY AVAILABLE!! Go check out the new fly merchandise up in the market at Planet Illogica. Limited Edition, supreme quality clothing!

My "Super" Hoodie is made to look {and feel} like your favorite vintage zip-up. Comfy and warm is on everyone's Christmas list this year, and with soft pink sprays of Ice Cream Happiness, what more can you ask for?

**Thank you to Mark Murphy, Tonny Sorensen and Kay Marshall of Planet Illogica!

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So Good for Bunnies said...

I <3 dr sketchys! It's so inspirational.