Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here's a fun interview with myself, Sarah Folkman, D*Face and Greg Simkins - along with Jan and Bruce (owners Corey Helford Gallery) on JUXTAPOZ.COM about the Multi-plane show tonight! Richard and Chip (England's finest!) asked us a few questions about our inspiration and the process for this show (how difficult it was!). If you can't make the opening, they've also included a few other pieces from other artists so take a little look!


Lora said...

Your hat is flippin amazing!

Jetta's Nest said...

So cool Brandi! Hope you had a fantastic time :)


Jersey Sam said...

A very good piece, especially considering a new media to work in. I've worked with glass for a long time, and it can certainly be a bit o' pickle to get the hang of.

You can take a bow too, as your piece certainly meshes well with what glass offers-interplay with contrast, depth, and shadow.

The subject matter ranks up there in your pantheon of sugary pathos. Doesn't wrestle the crown from 'Not This One', which could crumple a constitution of iron, but top 10 ;)

Looking forward to the Holiday orders shipping, lot's of 'So Good For Little Bunnies' stocking stuffer goodness.

Enjoy your Christmas!