Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Edgy CUTE!!

It's here!! It's really HERE!! My copy of Edgy Cute came in the mail this week!! It turned out so unbelievable I'm over the mooooon in love! The cover is so good. It's just so exciting and fun - PLUS - it has what I consider a little golden book spine, which is such a plus!

There's such great work inside, such a great choice of artists who's work I love and admire so much.

This book is such a treasure, and I know there have been so many posts of gift ideas before Christmas, but I say if you've got a few last minute items to pick up - and this fits just right - PICK IT UP!!

Travis Lampe

It features the likes of this guy - whom I adore! His work is full of mischief and much brouhaha with SAD ENCHANTMENT as his running muse!


Nicoletta Ceccoli

Her work is exquisite and soft ~ so deeply mesmerizing I can get lost in it forever.

Ana Bagayan

Ana's pieces included in this book represent Edgy Cute so well. I love her colors, her snow and sprinkles with hurt and blood and carnivorism!

Angelique Houltkamp

Hip Hip for Tattoo Inspired Art that looks this good!! I love this woman's world.

Brian Viveros

And this man's work is just unbelievable...come on.

Liz McGrath

Cute and horrific? Please, Liz does it best.

Matte Stephens

Matte's work is so fun and full of energy it makes me want to scream and get to work myself! So good.

Brian Taylor


Motomichi Nakamura

Edgy Cute is packed. With goodness. I'm so thankful to have been included in this book. There's not one person I'm not stoked to be represented with in these pages.

Get it.

It's good.

(Thank you HARRY SAYLOR for being so flippin rad!)

Annnnnnnnd, if you've got a minute, take a stroll over to the HURLEY website, where I was interviewed for a spot as the featured artist! weeeet!

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gingerlovesart* said...

I received this book for Christmas and it is definitely awesome!!