Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are You There Brandi?


I've been working solid since 2010 happened, and it's really great. I have a few exciting secret (I always use the word projects...)...um...THINGS in the works right now, many meetings and emails and sketches. It's a drag kinda, to keep secrets, but I think I have to. But I CAN tell you that I'm in full swing with the work for my solo show in June - it's hard and drains every ounce of energy and feeling I've got each day - but it's the love of my life. I'm super pleased and hope you can all join me opening night!

I just wanted to stop in and say hello, but now I must get back in there and give it all I got! I'd love to hear how the new year has been treating all of you, please leave a note!!


Angela Matteson said...

Absolutely loving the girl on the zebra! Congrats on all the work! Seems a common story with all us artists types right now,...super busy already. It looks like it's going to be a great creative 2010!!
I can't wait to see your show pieces! yay! :)

Katie said...

It's taken me a while to appear in 2010 too! I think I'm stuck in the last decade but I'm really looking forward (hmmm strike that) I'm peeing my pants in anticipation to see these secret THINGS!

So Good for Bunnies said...

I'm so excited to see all the work you're doing! I can already tell it's going to be AMAZING as usual! And the opening night of your show will be one of the highlights of 2010 for me for sure :D

. MarĂ­a Florencia Murillo . said...

Brandi: thanks a lot for stopping by my blog!Happy 2010 my dear!


Jetta's Nest said...

How exciting Brandi! I so wish I could make it to your exhibition but it'll be nearly as exciting to see all your new stuff online too!!


Gaia said...

This is absolutely beautiful and delicate. I'm sure the show will be a huge success and will patiently wait for the "secrets" to be revealed... I know it will be worth waiting! Great work as usual!! :)

Pacific College Mom said...

Hello Brandi,
Thank you for stopping by and making a comment on my blog, it is always so nice to see a new face. It's always a bit of a shock that there are actually people out there who read my stuff~~~

I really love your work! Your style is so different. Could I please put a link to you on my blog? I think we artists should stick together, and while I am in no way as advanced as you are, I would someday like to have people call me an artist!

Ann Thompson (pacific college mom)