Thursday, January 28, 2010

Print Release Giveaway!!!!

Bonjour messieurs et mesdames!!

The folks over at Arrested Motion are having a wonderful print release giveaway of my newly released print The Making! You remember:

Size: 20″x20″
Edition: 40 signed numbered +5 AP / 5 PP
Hand Enhanced by the Artist making each piece unique.
Signed & Numbered by the Artist
Giclee on Archival Canvas
U.V. Archival Varnish
Certificate of Authenticity

If you love it and want it, go HERE! and leave a comment stating your favorite Brandi Milne painting and you've entered to win this beautiful print!! Easy as pie, eh?! So Go, tell me your favorite, I've been working hard on these, they're fan-TA-stic!

If you don't win, and you're sad about it, go HERE to purchase directly.

**Thanks to the guys at Arrested Motion - for always supporting the arts and art events around the world!! Thanks to Tom at Virtue Prints for making this print happen in my life!! And thanks to all of you who enjoy my work and show your support as best
you can!!


Pauly said...

love your color contrast!

Thea Schultheiss said...

Gah, it won't let me leave a comment :( My comments never work on Arrested Motion, I think they must have blocked me or something!!

blue eyed night owl said...

How cool! I'll cross my fingers.

Thank you for pointing that out to us.

They seem to have turned out beautifully, by the way.

Anonymous said...

brandi and her pretty artworksss! love that shot of you in action hehe :]

carrie said...

OK so I just was trying to leave my comment about which painting is my face but since I'm on my phone I think I left it twice by mistake but I can't tell. I'm so sorry! But I don't care if it disqualifies me cuz I just love talking bout which piece is my fave! I can't wait to c what comes next!

cheryl cambras said...

yay! exciting! nice to see you. :)

Sarah said...

Thea- I'm having the same problem :(

sven said...

hey, this is Sven from Arrested Motion...
seems like some folks are having problems leaving a comment on our post to enter the contest...
sorry for the inconvenience folks, it seems to be a quirk with the wordpress settings, no one is blocked from leaving a comment, it's just a glitch! - i've set up an alternative way to leave a comment on the artchival forum in the release discussion thread
you will need to register to join the forum, but it should be pretty painless, and there is lots of other good news to discuss as well!

Thanks to Brandi for posting the link to our contest, and good luck everyone!

Thea Schultheiss said...

Oh thanks Sven!! I know you didn't block me really ;)

Btw, Candy Thief is my fave, every day of the week!

Blood Milk said...

i don't believe it but i won!
So excited to get it in the mail!!!!!

Bakkanekko said...

Nice shinny piece, did you use acrylic for that?