Friday, January 22, 2010

A Trip To The City

There's no doubt I've been busy - the lack of posts, the lack of photos in my camera and this crazed closed-up feeling I have under my skin from not leaving my house except for short bursts of errands. But i't's been swell, I feel accomplished and inspired!

But there was THIS trip out to see my very lovely friend and her artwork on display at WWA Gallery in Culver City last week. That's right, Miss Mindy and her sissy - C J Metzger put on an all girls show that was just right and beautiful in a beautiful space.

There was a live-painting going on in the window, all the ladies of the show that could make it showed off their stuff right before our very eyes - then donated the painting to Lunch Bunch charity that is headed by Ana Bagayan and Meredeth.

The unbelievably CUTE and talented sisters that I love. Such a perfect way to escape these walls - even if it is just for a few good hours., back to work. I hope you are all well and doin swell! -Did I mention all the rain??!! It's wonderful!! Stay safe!!


souljane said...

Incredible work my dear.

I am inspired.

Veronica said...


Haha, I love the "egg on her face"

Blood Milk said...

i want to see what you're working on!