Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nice And Easy Does It

I'm so excited for what's on the horizon. I'm chipping away at all new works for my next solo show on June 26th (Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City) - if you follow my blog, facebook or twitter, you already know this. Each piece that I finished makes me fevered to do more. It looks like I'll be busy working steadily right up to the very last possible minute! (I want to blow your mind) But until then, everything remains wrapped up tight to keep you in suspense ... except I CAN mention this little ditty:

I'm so pleased to be showing at the Bristol Museum, and in such fine company! If you find yourself in the neighborhood, do stop by Friday, April 30th for Opening Reception.

If you go HERE, you can read about the New Fine Art Movement...and maybe you can find a surprise peek!

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Thea Schultheiss said...


I new about this show already - but I truly loved the sneak peak! I'm very excited about seeing the beauty that's gonna be your solo show, which by the way, opens on my birthday!

I'll have to console myself about not being able to see your solo by trying to get to Bristol instead!

Adore you, as always!