Saturday, May 8, 2010

Every Picture/Daniel Creates

So happy about tonight's planned events! We're hittin Santa Monica for one of my dearest and most favorite artist friends. Every Picture Tells A Story (HERE) celebrates the mind, wisdom and lunacy of a man and his work, MR. DANIEL PEACOCK. If you are in want of inspired graciousness & brilliance, GO SEE HIM TONIGHT! The event is from 3pm - close, featuring the newest works flowing out of his head.

We'll be stopping by Copro Nason Gallery for a spell, then onto the Corey Helford Gallery for some more incredible inspired magic. It's gonna be one of those nights, I'm READY!!

(If you hurry, and are sweet, Daniel might strike this pose for you too!) Will he be bearded? Will he shave head? Will he be fabulous? Let's find out...

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cheryl cambras said...

wow! love his work; thanks for posting. :)