Friday, June 25, 2010

A Video You Say?

Hooray!! I've just posted two video's on Youtube of my inking process from two of the new pieces that will be part of my show tomorrow night! (Yipes!!) The video's are only a couple minutes, but noone ever sees the process in motion. See it!! This one's from A Dark Whisper - acrylic and ink on wood...

See the other post from the piece Wander, Eternal Beauty - go to My Other Blog where my studio's lonely and I fall down on the sidewalk!!

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peet said...

Jesus, I didn't realize it's so much work!! Have a great day and evening. Good luck. In holland it,s already noon. So here your saturday already has begun. I hope you can get some sleep overthere for your big day. Bye, have lots of fun, and I wait for pictures.