Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi Fructose Review!!

My friends over at Hi Fructose posted a review of my new work from My Heart Shall Not Fear!! The very talented and hauntingly beautiful J. L. Schnabel (you know her as Blood Milk) flattered with her words - I couldn't be more excited! We got a chance to talk on the phone as she got to the bottom of the new work. Go have a look!!

And so, next up on my way thru the making of my show was "Within The Hollow". This piece is a smaller story piece - the story is of these two little girls, out in the middle of a dream and they stumble upon this death head. The idea is that in this life, death touches down on everyone at some point - in some way. So here we're witnessing the moment these two little girls learn about death. They don't know how to deal with it (as children usually don't), so they're fascinated with it - they collect it and take it with their life forever.

There's a life and death side, a good and evil and a Heaven and Hell to this series of work. This, "My Name Is Lucifer, Please Take My Hand" is my first touch on the "evil" side of the show. A two-headed girl is usually a sign of evil, I'm sure in real life and in pretend. This girl finds a devil mask and as she picks it up it starts weaving it's evil web around her mind -and around her arm. It's soft flattering whisper is poison to her soul. Also, the title of the piece is a lyric from Black Sabbath's NIB, a tidbit that excites me!!

"The Outpour" is very serene - it's different from the others, I think. The girl in this piece comes across a dying bird. You can see it's soul moving to the heavens like magic sprinkles. It speaks of innocence and death and how this life is so cruel at times.

Describing this show, the work and subject and meaning - I'm a bit hesitant to describe all the death and darkness. Basically, it's all about death, and I fear people will be turned off by that. Buuuuut, all I can do is do my best and be honest, right? :)

***A very big thank you to Hi Fructose Magazine, for all their unbelievable non-stop support to the arts - Annie Owens and Atta Boy (as I've mentioned before) head up the magazine and are greatly talented artists themselves. Talk about busy busy busy!! Thank you for everything you do. Thank you to Jess Schnabel (Blood Milk), for being honest and comforting.

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