Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's Happening Again

Summertime is NOT my favorite Season. In fact, it's my most dreaded. I'm gonna go ahead and say that not only does it effect my hair, my skin and my over all enthusiasm, it effects my work too. Summertime has me at my most uninspired.

But, as we find ourselves in the last month (kinda) of full-fledged summer, I can see September on the horizon and that gives me much gladness. To finally crawl out of this ugliest of ugly seasons, and be able to drift into my MOST favorite - MOST INSPIRED time of year is giving me a rush of new life in my sketchbook!

It also helps when you're on a tight deadline and need a finished piece of artwork in a few short weeks too. But it's the blossoming of new breath in that piece that makes me feel hopeful and ready to roll...!!! ...can I get a hail-yeeh?


Thea Schultheiss said...


I always look forward to the summer - I think I like the *idea* of it, but then it's just hot and icky and blur!

Sketchbook looks a beaute! Wish I was a sketchbook kinda person.

Audrey Pongracz said...

I dont like summer either!
I always feel like I should, like there is pressure to like it haha

Im checking the weather everyday to see if the temp will be going down any time soon;)

So Good for Bunnies said...

What new pretty ladies you're working on!

I hate summer too :( for some reason it's just a more depressing time of the year. Maybe it's just because we love Halloween and Christmas so much and the summer has no fun holidays to enjoy.

Lost In Mechanics said...

Oh wow that's exactly how I feel about summer. I'm glad its over soon and also that your creativity is spiking.

Jennifer Lewis said...

I love fall, can't wait.
The trees are already changing color and the acorns are starting to fall!

Blood Milk said...

brandi i love these sketches so much! i can't wait to see them as paintings! i hope you're well!