Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bleed Out, Poor Heart

I went out to Camille Rose Garcia's show Snow White And The Black Lagoon a few weeks back, now I can finally report...

I've mentioned in this blog {and interviews} a few dozen times or so how perfectly Camille's work hits the spot for me. I love love love {as I've said} a few other artists' work, but for me, Camille's work really rings every bell in my head and without sounding too cheesy {too late?}, as I went around the gallery taking in her latest and greatest, I found myself holding my breath as my eyes scraped every inch of each painting.

If art is important to you in your life, then you know the importance of SPENDING TIME with someone's work and how it gets inside you. For me, to simply glance at a painting online,in a book or even real quick in person, it doesn't have the same effect than if you have the chance to really spend time with it {in person}. It's almost like, the more time spent around it, the more the silent works spill out the secrets and emotions the artist had quietly painted into it. It has a chance to become more than just a really appealing assemblage of imagery.

So to spend any amount of time with Camille's work, my senses are heightened and ready to catch any quiet lyrics that may come my way. I love her for what she does. The End.

{left to right: myself, Ryh-Ming Poon, Camille Rose Garcia & Lola}

And if you don't mind, it was onto more inspired times at the Adam Wallacavage and Henry Lewis show at Corey Helford Gallery.

A great crowd also turned out to take in Adam's chandeliers and Henry's paintings this passed Saturday night.

I'm feeling a lot blessed by the life I was given ~ the people I have the pleasure of sharing it with and the passion, love and heartache they spill out of themselves so that someone like me can take from it and better express MY passion, love and heartache.

Alright, enuff bleeding heart art talk, right?! Let's get ridiculous ~ at least for a moment:

That's better...

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Michele Lynch Art said...

OMG what yummy yummy pics!! Thanks so much for sharing! I love her artwork too! Wish I could spend some in person time with it :o) and yours! xo Michele

The Stapelia Company said...

Gosh. I love her work and I so wish I lived on the right coast to be able to see her work in person. Such great stuff. Oh, and Dolly and Mick? Priceless.