Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ready Steady Heady

I can feel a stew of New abrewin' as of late, here in my old four walls. I'm feelin a bit anxious, ready to start a new story and my next big body of work! And whenever this feeling feverishly grabs me by the hair, I tend to start reassembling my desk, and my walls ... (and my closet...) This is a good time, I'm getting excited, I'm getting restless!!

I've found some new friends to sit for me while I work away the hours, here's my new Snoopy rip-off that I love to death, and above him is my babiest donkey that I saw at the antique shop and DIDN'T BUY until I absolutely HAD to go back two weeks later. (To my happy heart's surprise, he had been waiting for me the whole time!) Also, note my new stupid water mug that's so lame it rules...

But what I'm REALLY stoked on is my beloved Miss Mindy Moon Face that makes me squeal every time I walk past her!! I remember when I first layed eyes on this pretty puppy at Mindy's studio ~ I was drawn to her like candy, I immediately started scheming schemes on how I could call her mine...and now SHES MINES.

And so, the beginning stages of my next series is on it's mark, accompanied by my hearts daily desire ~ See's Peppermint Candies. (Know that if I put on some extra fluff, the culprit has a face.)

And in news outside these four walls, I SO look forward to "Snow White And The Black Lagoon", Camille Rose Garcia's upcoming show Saturday (March 12th)! In art, she is my Pink Floyd.

Gimme more.

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Miss Mindy said...

Oooh! I'm so excited she has such a wonderful new home--- & I adore my new art too! --*sigh* yer sucha talented gal...looky at my blog too..surprise! licking your art is the best. lv mm