Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cotton Candy Machine's Tiny Trifecta Opening

The CRAZY talented Tara McPherson is celebrating the opening of her first store Cotton Candy Machine in New York this coming weekend! She's asked 100 artist's to create a piece of art to sell for $100 on the 100th day of the year!!! (WHAAAAAT?) It's true, and I'm stoked. The tiny pieces will be snapped up so fast, so if you're interested, here's some info (artist list). And if you're in NY, getcher BUTT in there this Saturday (April 9th) to see Tara's cute~as~can~be Cotton Candy Machine!!! RAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

Here are a few of the pieces as they were coming in (photo from Tara).

This is my contribution ~ graphite and acrylic on paper, measures 5"x7"...and it's only $100!!! With this line up, and this price point, don't you dare wait!!

**Much love to Tara, and congratulations on the store opening!! Xoxoxox!!

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purse 'n boots said...

i am always SOOOO inspired by all of the insanely amazing badass art you post. i can't thank you enough for opening my eyes to new rad artists. you are one cool chick. have you ever heard of mark ryden? my parents have a couple of his paintings (and i have a tattoo based off of one of his drawings), but i effing love him. abe lincoln, meat, bumblebees.....weird. i love it all. hope you are having a great week! much love

ashley <3