Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Twitter Me This

If you follow me on twitter, you would be certain the following facts are true:

1. I miss Michael Keaton and Bea Arthur equally
2. My shins are sharp as a razor's edge
3. Not doing math is harder than doing math AND I love Natalia Fabia
4. I am {admittedly} a solitaire addict
5. Sometimes I'm too lazy to Double Dutch

You would also already know of these things:

My peppermints are now a part of Abby from So Good For Bunnies's flesh... elbow flesh...

This magical painting from Lola belongs to me...

And I want to see this happen...in my lifetime {Julliette Lewis}

You would also have secret clues to new artworks, my process and panic. You would find that {right now} I'm working a white giraffe into a painting with black cherry trees and an E that stands for Elton John...You would marvel at the profound ideas that fly through my lonely head, hour after hour while I'm painting the same area those very same hours ~ something like..."I wish I had a laugh like Ray Liotta...like a maniac" or "my paints smell like vanilla frosting"...or "Voodoo disolving is part of life, I just need to figure it out". Let's follow eachother..

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Zepol Ilustradora said...

Que cosas tan más hermosas. Felicidades. Saludos. Te sigo