Sunday, August 28, 2011

Days Into Nights Into Days

I'm obsessed with photos...

I collect them and it feels divine.

I'm working away on new paintings - two for private collections and one big one for my next solo show in August '12 - so far I'm in love and can't wait to dive deeper into the story of madness and friendship. I'll be sharing some images and sneaks here, so come along with me!!


Gerushia's New World said...

So many delicious photos. I spy with my little meatball eye..Chantal Menard!

Good luck on your solo show next August. Sounds BIG!!

Gerushia's New World

Peet said...

Love these photos!! I'm curious to your new work. Greetz Peet

Anonymous said...

Ger & Rush..who knew two peds with big mouths could make Nevada mobsters?
Problem is COROC and COADOMEL.
They just turned over books on Turner and Seacrest.

Amphigora said...

A lovely and intriguing collection of photos, so much amazing imagery in the world and so little time :))

Fiona said...

Can I just say. Lovely whimsical and fascinating photos aside... That font on Karen Elsen vintage american collection thingie is the best and fastest way to ruin any vintage vibe. I see that thing everywhere now, low end/non custom tattoo shops, event posters, lame hardcore album covers, aaagh!!!! design rage!!!