Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cupcake Bunny & Jolly Drawing

To celebrate the release of "Bunny Ride, Go!!" ~ the Cupcake Edition, I'm offering the vinyl figure PLUS a small "Toys Need Toys Too!" original drawing (choose one of three designs) for a very limited time EXCLUSIVELY HERE on my website!!

The vinyl figure measures 7" long, and each drawing measures 4"x5.5" (graphite and acrylic on paper)

At such an affordable price, you'll definitely want to scoop one up in time for the holidays!! Visit my website or email me for info.

Happy Holiday Shopping!!


fiona said...

pleeeeease please please will you consider doing int'l shipping for this (to Christchurch new zealand) D''':>



YEs! Email me at and we can figure it out!! I do int'l shipping all the time!


Emma Collins Ba (Hons) said...

I'm in love with the little elf/goblin fella!

Just thought i'd share my new blog with you as you follow my other one:)

I shall send ye something in the post soon! Hope you're well :)