Monday, December 3, 2012

Divulge Magazine and Christmastime

I had the pleasure of being the featured artist in Divulge Magazine back in October (I know, we're in December now...).
Now, I'm not the most relaxed person in front of a camera and I'm envious of those that are - but sometimes with the right person on the OTHER SIDE of that camera, I can find a little relaxation which was the case with Victoria Lara of Divulge Magazine. She put me right at ease and I found myself having a good time. Like for real.
Thank you Divulge Magazine and Victoria Lara for the pleasantest feature and making me feel at my own home.
And now I'm feeling like Christmas, my most favorite time of year! Altho the decorations have been up in my place since the week after Halloween, it's just now starting to feel real with the rainy wet weather and all the jolly lights on houses.

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