Monday, December 3, 2012

New Paintings

I'm excited to finally share with you my two newest paintings that will be exhibiting at Miami Art Basel this week with the Corey Helford Gallery at Scope. This is "We Have Just This Moment" acrylic on wood measures 24"x36". Both these pieces are inspired by music. After having finished a large body of work in August for my last solo exhibition, I wanted to spend the moments creating these surrounded by music. Namely Pink Floyd. And more than just surrounded, encased. Letting the music fill my head completely and allow my imagination to roam freely. I ended up with a strong Wizard Of Oz feeling with "We Have Just This Moment" which took me back to memories of when I was little. Warm and safe and happy, and how it's gone in a flash. I have memories of being tucked in my bed at night in the winter and hearing the heater rattle on through the house. Feeling the satin trim of my blanket against my face and scrunching up into a ball to get warm. The thought that that might have been 30 years ago is just frightening to me.
And "I Can Sing To You Forever" acrylic on wood measures 20"x24". Again inspired by music, this one is about the isolation of love and the depths of letting yourself feel how you feel with no brakes or guards up or preconceived fears. "I Can Sing To You Forever" is a love note. Just a really embellished love note. :) ***Please contact the Corey Helford Gallery for pricing and availability!

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