Monday, June 16, 2014

The Secret World Of Brandi Milne By Bobby Hundreds

A while back I had a visit in my studio with Bobby Kim. You may know him as Bobby Hundreds, as in co-founder of The Hundreds. I was in the final throes of painting for my show when he was scheduled to come over - I had 5 small paintings to go that I hadn't even started yet, 3 large to medium pieces that needed finishing and only a few short weeks til my deadline. I wasn't particularly prepared to be interviewed about my work for my upcoming show - in fact I see it a bit like a day that you've got all kinds of dirty dishes in the sink, piles of bills and junk mail strewn across every table top, cats barfing on every counter, dogs crying, babies barking, hill billies burping, and laundry piled up past the ceiling. I knew he was coming to see my work and ask a few questions - the house was clean but my head felt like chaos.
As soon as Bobby walked in, he was quietly gathering information. He was gone an hour later (busy bee that he is) but somewhere in that hour he and I had become friends forever. Reading what he wrote about our exchange that had been so brief says a lot about him and his natural ability to make such honest connections to people in this world - and that's exactly what he does. I'm happy to know such a kind, intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, respectful, (the list can go on) hard working human being. Bobby Kim is a righteous dude. Here's what he wrote: THE SECRET WORLD OF BRANDI MILNE

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