Thursday, January 28, 2010

Print Release Giveaway!!!!

Bonjour messieurs et mesdames!!

The folks over at Arrested Motion are having a wonderful print release giveaway of my newly released print The Making! You remember:

Size: 20″x20″
Edition: 40 signed numbered +5 AP / 5 PP
Hand Enhanced by the Artist making each piece unique.
Signed & Numbered by the Artist
Giclee on Archival Canvas
U.V. Archival Varnish
Certificate of Authenticity

If you love it and want it, go HERE! and leave a comment stating your favorite Brandi Milne painting and you've entered to win this beautiful print!! Easy as pie, eh?! So Go, tell me your favorite, I've been working hard on these, they're fan-TA-stic!

If you don't win, and you're sad about it, go HERE to purchase directly.

**Thanks to the guys at Arrested Motion - for always supporting the arts and art events around the world!! Thanks to Tom at Virtue Prints for making this print happen in my life!! And thanks to all of you who enjoy my work and show your support as best
you can!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Trip To The City

There's no doubt I've been busy - the lack of posts, the lack of photos in my camera and this crazed closed-up feeling I have under my skin from not leaving my house except for short bursts of errands. But i't's been swell, I feel accomplished and inspired!

But there was THIS trip out to see my very lovely friend and her artwork on display at WWA Gallery in Culver City last week. That's right, Miss Mindy and her sissy - C J Metzger put on an all girls show that was just right and beautiful in a beautiful space.

There was a live-painting going on in the window, all the ladies of the show that could make it showed off their stuff right before our very eyes - then donated the painting to Lunch Bunch charity that is headed by Ana Bagayan and Meredeth.

The unbelievably CUTE and talented sisters that I love. Such a perfect way to escape these walls - even if it is just for a few good hours., back to work. I hope you are all well and doin swell! -Did I mention all the rain??!! It's wonderful!! Stay safe!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Theatre Of Sketches

Here's a DANDY LITTLE TREAT for ya - The lovely Lily from SKETCH THEATRE came by my studio to shoot a "video" of me drawing this Cat's Eye Big Head girl! But it's not how you think, watch the CAT'S EYE BIG HEAD unfold before your eyes with a menacing tune by Mastodon and let your mind be blown!! Sketch Theatre is such a great place to visit - they have something for every art lover out there to enjoy. Artists like Gris Grimly, Greg "Craola" Simkins & Michael Hussar to name a few of the talented's MESMERIZING, go see for yourself!!

*Thank you Lily and Sketch Theatre, for your support and the wonderful feature! I really appreciate what you guys do!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are You There Brandi?


I've been working solid since 2010 happened, and it's really great. I have a few exciting secret (I always use the word projects...) in the works right now, many meetings and emails and sketches. It's a drag kinda, to keep secrets, but I think I have to. But I CAN tell you that I'm in full swing with the work for my solo show in June - it's hard and drains every ounce of energy and feeling I've got each day - but it's the love of my life. I'm super pleased and hope you can all join me opening night!

I just wanted to stop in and say hello, but now I must get back in there and give it all I got! I'd love to hear how the new year has been treating all of you, please leave a note!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spookiest Print Of All!!

I'm ringing in the new year with a brand-spankin' new print! The Making - available HERE AND NOW brought to you by Excellent Virtue Fine Art Prints and yours truly. Printed on archival canvas (my first canvas print!) and I've hand-embellished each and every one with acrylic and GLITTER!! Sweet Moses, yes!

The print measures 20"x20" and there are only 40 pieces! What?! I know!! Only 40, grab yers while they're HOT HOT HOT!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Another Year Over, And A New Ones Just Begun

Holy Smokes, Happy Twenty-Ten!!

It's hard to believe another year has passed, and what a year it was! I started this blog a little over a year ago (Dec. 1, '08 was my first post) and that's just seems crazy to me!

I filled another sketch book with ideas - some good, some bad, some ugly! It takes about a year for each to be completely saturated with my scribbles and scraps, and looking through really takes me back to those certain times. 2009 was a good year...

I had my solo show at Thinkspace Gallery in April...

I had my silly face plastered on a wall with some gorgeous Hurley folks at the beach where I live...

Projects with fantastic companies like Planet Illogica, Hurley, Gelaskins, IMP Clothing, 686 Snowboards, Baby Tattoo Books, Clandestine Clothing...

Features in Hi Fructose Magazine, My Name Is Magazine, Baby Boss Magazine, Edgy Cute for Mark Batty Publishing & Harry Saylor, and much more to come...

Giveaways here at "Sweet by Brandi Milne" to show my appreciation of all y'all that come visit and play with me...

A few creations that kept me sane...

Some of the lovely people I'm so stoked to connect with in this world...


And finished with a WONDERFUL Christmas...

Kicking off the new year with some more secrets and projects. I have a few things in the works and a few more in mind....

Ima dive in to my next written/illustrated projects - crazy nuts ridiculousness...

Because why shouldn't I?

There mine...

they're inside me...

they make me happy.

CAN'T WAIT for my solo show in June at Corey Helford Gallery, it's gonna be my latest and GREATEST show of all's bursting outta my ribs as we speak!!

My ambitions are tingling and making me insane on this very first day of the next decade. Imunna get my work out to every corner of the world, London, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand - everywhere. I'm gonna work like there's no tomorrow, I'm gonna take every chance there is to take, every idea - and push it to the limit. I'm gonna be free in my own world, I'm gonna pull out all the stops and challenge myself til I'm exhausted to the bone. Why not? Why wouldn't we all?

Here's to you, 2010, and all the people along for the ride!!!

(Thank you Daniel Peacock)